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Simplicity, their hearts open, excitement and joy fill their souls as they come to this place of nature. 
In the garden we learn what real food is and how it grows. The smell of the flowers, the beauty of the butterflies and bees. The dirt in our hands as we connect and feel the world around us. Touching the donkey with caring hands laughter fills the air. Oh, look there are chickens, rabbits. We love creating art and enjoying the firepit. The forest is full of adventure and wonder. We explore the trees, the birds and animals. Balancing on the tree trunks, making mud pies and grass soup, we play, we laugh, we grow in the natural playground. We also learned about the plants that help us feel better. 
 This experience changed me. I learned how to be me and that I'm great! I learned about nature, I made friends. my confidence grew, it was so fun!!!
Signed, The happy child

Root to Simplicity Farms, where we come back nature.

Chicken Farm
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The Foundation for Life Transformation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to transform our world by increasing awareness of natural methods using the simplicity of plants, animals, and nature, combined with the knowledge of naturopathic medicine, and the old ways of survival to bring balance, healing and happiness to all by creating a solid foundation for our children.

Often in today's world we can make things to complexed. We are missing the simplicity of life. Do you remember when we went outside for hours and just played? The way food tasted from the garden. The natural ways your grandma healed you when you were sick. We are becoming disconnected. We are losing our foundation. Our purpose is to let children be free to wonder, use their imagination, connect, grow, heal, and establish a solid foundation.

We also raise money for treating with a holistic approach to those who cannot afford it.

If you would like to donate or be part of this program, contact Angie Blunk 502-938-7685 text or call Email

We are starting daycare classes...

We are starting daycare classes Monday-Thursday 6:00 - 6:00

We focus on outdoor play, nature, freedom of thought, this form of structure helps in confidence building, emotional regulation, muscle and body development and more.

We will be in doors when weather does not permit.

10- hour day limits after that a charge of 10$ and hour. 

Full week $140

Half days $75 

Saturday class programs are coming

Be a Front Page Sponsor

Contact for sponsorships including front page. 

Get Involved

We are raising money to help those afford holistic healing that cant not. If you are in need or would like to donate. Contact



We need finical support to be able to run Foundation for Life transformation and to fund the projects. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated. 

We are a 501 and it can be tax deductible. 

We are also thankful to all that would like to volunteer their time or business services.

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